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NCEP WMO GRIB2 Documentation

Version 31.0.0 - June 15, 2023

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  • Appendix A - Outline of WMO Headers Used With GRIB1 and GRIB2
  • Appendix B - Outline of WMO Headers for the EPA/CMAQ model
  • Appendix C - Definition of Commonly used NCEP Grids

This web page and the pages it links to are for the use of NOAA employees and their customers to facilitate in the transfer of meteorological data in WMO GRIB2 format.  Nothing in these pages should be considered official.  To obtain official documentation on the WMO GRIB2 data standard, please visit the WMO web site.


Documentation and Software for NCEP WMO GRIB1 can be found here: GRIB1

Information on NCEP's use of WMO GRIB2 can be found here: GRIB2

Page last modified: 07 December 2023.