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Current Geostationary Satellite Sector Locations

Target Area

GOES-W Sector 1

GOES-W Sector 2
GOES-E Sector 1

GOES-E Sector 2
GOES Mesoscale Domain Sectors

GOES-East and GOES-West Mesoscale Domain Sectors (MDS) provide 60 or 30 second imagery over requested areas of interest. If all requests can not be honored, than priority will be given to the request covering the area of interest with the highest priority ranking (see GOES MDS Requests SOP). If there are no requests, the sectors will remain in their default locations. Check VLAB MDS site for current location of sectors and other submitted MDS requests.

Himawari Target Area

The Himawari-8 Target Area provides 2.5 minute imagery over a requested area of interest (1000x1000 km). The target area is normally focused on a region of active volcanoes in the domain of the Tokyo VAAC (Volcanic Ash Advisory Center), and it is adapted to encompass typhoons within the responsibility area of the RSMC (Regional Specialized Meteorological Center) Tokyo Typhoon Center. International users of Himawari data, including NWS, can make requests for Target Areas. However, the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) reserves the right to override or interrupt a Target Area request at any time. Check the JMA Website for the current location of the Himawari target areas.

For Himawari Target Areas, WFOs and regional/local offices shall submit requests through their regional contact (i.e. WFO Guam or Anchorage) by email, phone, or both. The regional contact will relay their request to the SDM. National Centers will provide their requests directly to the SDM by email, phone, or in person.

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Page last modified: 25 September 2023.