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Infrastructure and Web Services Branch (IWSB)

About the IWSB

The Infrastructure and Web Services Branch (IWSB) provides system administration and other user helpdesk support services on a 24-hour basis for National Weather Service (NWS) web services, computing, and communications systems. These systems include servers and workstations, personal computers, NWS systems used within NCEP, ancillary devices such as graphics plotters, and the interfaces among all of the above. The IWSB generates and promulgates standards relevant to the development environment, which supports the design, preparation, and integration of application software, with particular emphasis on the use of such software within an operational environment.


The IWSB supports NCEP in the following areas:

  • the acquisition, development, and use of special tools for monitoring information systems
  • the availability of training and documentation for current and future information processing systems
  • the review and evaluation of concept studies which guide NCEP in the development, implementation, and operation of information systems
  • the preparation of requirements initiatives and other information resources management documents necessary for the acquisition and administration of software and hardware systems
  • system acquisition and contract management.

Page last modified: 13 September 2022.