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Network and Security Branch

About the NSB

The Network and Security Branch (NSB) provides support services on a 24-hour basis for National Weather Service (NWS)-wide local and wide area networks and high-performance computing systems. The NSB is responsible for the overall planning, design, development, implementation, and assessment of the National Centers for Environmental Prediction (NCEP) computing and communications capabilities as well as for the facilities and infrastructure that support the relevant technology. The Branch provides the recommendation, formulation, and preparation of policies and procedures needed to provide system security, control, and accountability as required by NCEP and/or Federal rules and regulations.


The NSB supports NWS and NCEP in the following areas:

  • One NWSnet (Legacy OPSnet) supports a private enterprise wide-area network for NWS and NWS's federal, private, and international partners
  • Supports both the CONUS and OCONUS circuits for NEXRAD
  • Provides primary Tier 1 support for the Automated Surface Observing Systems (ASOS)
  • Supports 824 Networx dial lines and 590 commercial circuits for surface observations
  • Supports other telecommunications such as NIDS, GTS, Upper Air, Marine comms, Ship reports, Lightning data, Buenos Aires comms, Canada comms, and the Hurricane Hotline

Page last modified: 13 September 2022.