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Inventory of NAM Files on NOMADS

GRIB Filter options
Description Filename Cycles Available
12km CONUS nam.tCCz.awphysFF.grb2.tm00 00,06,12,18 UTC
12km Alaska nam.tCCz.awak3dFF.grb2.tm00 00,06,12,18 UTC
32km North America nam.tCCz.awip32FF.tm00.grib2 00,06,12,18 UTC
12km Central America nam.tCCz.afwacsFF.grb2.tm00 00,06,12,18 UTC
12km Pacific nam.tCCz.afwahiFF.grb2.tm00 00,06,12,18 UTC
5km CONUS Nest nam.tCCz.conusnest.hiresfFF.tm00.grib2 00,06,12,18 UTC
6km Alaska Nest nam.tCCz.alaskanest.hiresfFF.tm00.grib2 00,06,12,18 UTC
3km Hawaii Nest nam.tCCz.hawaiinest.hiresfFF.tm00.grib2 00,06,12,18 UTC
3km Puerto Rico Nest nam.tCCz.priconest.hiresfFF.tm00.grib2 00,06,12,18 UTC

OPeNDAP options
Description Filename Cycles Available
Hourly nam1hr_CCz 00,06,12,18 UTC
3 Hourly nam_CCz 00,06,12,18 UTC
3 Hourly Alaska nam_ak_CCz 00,06,12,18 UTC
Alaska Nest nam_conusnest_CCz 00,06,12,18 UTC
Hawaii Nest nam_hawaiinest_CCz 00,06,12,18 UTC
Puerto Rico Nest nam_priocnest_CCz 00,06,12,18 UTC
Pacific AFWA nam_pc_CCz 00,06,12,18 UTC
Caribbean AFWA nam_crb_CCz 00,06,12,18 UTC
North American nam_na_CCz 00,06,12,18 UTC
Last Updated: Aug 22 2013 14:36:08

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