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Interface Output from the NCEP Tide Gauge CREX Data Decoder

Mnemonic Description Units Value
STID Station ID CCITT IA5 civals (icstid)
SLAT Station latitude Degrees rivals (irslat)
SLON Station longitude Degrees rivals (irslon)
SELV Station Elevation Meters rivals (irselv)
TOST Type of Station BUFR Code Table 002001 rivals (irtost)
YEAR Report year Year rivals (iryear)
MNTH Report month Month rivals (irmnth)
DAYS Report day Day rivals (irdays)
HOUR Report hour Hour rivals (irhour)
MINU Report minute Minute rivals (irminu)
AWCK Tide station automated water level check BUFR Code Table 022120 rivals (irawck)
MWCK Tide station manual water level check BUFR Code Table 022121 rivals (irmwck)
AMCK Tide station automated meteorological data check BUFR Code Table 022122 rivals (iramck)
MMCK Tide station manual meteorological data check BUFR Code Table 022123 rivals (irmmck)
TPMI Time period or displacement Minutes rivals (irtpmi)
STIMI Short time increment Minutes rivals (irstmi)
DRCT Wind direction Degrees true rivals (irdrct)
SPED Wind speed Meters / Sec rivals (irsped)
PLRC Mean Sea Level Pressure Hectopascals rivals (irplrc)
TMPC Temperature Degrees Celsius rivals (irtmpc)
SSTK Sea surface temperature Degrees Kelvin rivals (irsstk)
NTID Number of tidal data values Numeric rivals (irsstk)
TERC Tide elevation with respect to chart Meters rivals (irterc(1..NTID))
MRTE Meteorological residual tidal elevation Meters rivals (irmrte(1..NTID))