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NCEP Home > NCO Home > Systems Integration Branch > Decoders > DCSAOB Decoder > DCSAOB Interface Output
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Interface Output from the NCEP Satellite Wind Decoder

Mnemonic Description Units Value
GENTCR ID of Generating Centre WMO Common Code Table C-1 rivals (irgenc)
SAID Satellite Identifier WMO Common Code Table C-5 rivals (irsaid)
SACO Code Figure Of Country Operating Satellite Numeric rivals (irsaco)
SANA Indicator Figure For Satellite Name CCITT IA5 civals (irsana)
TIWM Type of Instrumentation for Wind Measurement WMO BUFR Table 002002 rivals (irtiwm)
SWCM Satellite Derived Wind Calculation Method WMO BUFR Table 002023 rivals (irswcm)
YDGT Units Digit of Report Year Numeric rivals (irydgt)
MNTH Report Month Month rivals (irmnth)
DAYS Report Day Day rivals (irdays)
HOUR Report Hour Hour rivals (irhour)
MINU Report Minute Minute rivals (irminu)
NPTS Number Of Data Points Numeric rivals (irnpts)
SLAT Latitude Of Data Point Degrees rivals (irslat(1:NPTS))
SLON Longitude Of Data Point Degrees rivals (irslon(1:NPTS))
WDIR Wind Direction At Data Point Degrees rivals (irwdir(1:NPTS))
WDSP Wind speed At Data Point Meters / Sec rivals (irwdsp(1:NPTS))
PRES Pressure At Data Point Hectopascals rivals (irpres(1:NPTS))
TMDB Temperature At Data Point Kelvin rivals (irtmdb(1:NPTS))