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Interface Output from the NCEP NeXRaD Wind Decoder

Mnemonic Description Units Value
YEAR Report year Year rivals (iryear)
MNTH Report month Month rivals (irmnth)
DAYS Report day Day rivals (irdays)
HOUR Report hour Hour rivals (irhour)
MINU Report minute Minute rivals (irminu)
SLAT Station latitude Degrees rivals (irslat)
SLON Station longitude Degrees rivals (irslon)
SELV Station elevation Meters rivals (irselv)
NPBW Number of Part B wind levels Numeric rivals (irnpbw)
HGTM Height Meters rivals (irhgtm(1..NPBW))
DRCT Wind direction Degrees true rivals (irdrct(1..NPBW))
SKNT Wind speed Knots rivals (irsknt(1..NPBW))
RMSE Root mean square wind error Knots rivals (irrmse(1..NPBW))
RPID Report identifier CCITT IA5 civals (icrpid)