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Interface Output from the NCEP Bathy Decoder

Mnemonic Description Units Value
STID Ship or Station ID CCITT IA5 civals (icstid)
SLAT Latitude Degrees rivals (irslat)
SLON Longitude Degrees rivals (irslon)
SELV Elevation Meters rivals (irselv)
YDGT Units Digit of Report Year Numeric rivals (irydgt)
MNTH Report Month Month rivals (irmnth)
DAYS Report Day Day rivals (irdays)
HOUR Report Hour Hour rivals (irhour)
MINU Report Minute Minute rivals (irminu)
IUWS Indicator for units of wind speed and type of instrumentation WMO Code Table 1853 rivals (iriuws)
DRCT Wind direction Degrees true rivals (irdrct)
SPED Wind speed Meters / Sec rivals (irsped)
TMPC Temperature Degrees Celsius rivals (irtmpc)
SSTC Sea surface temperature Degrees Celsius rivals (irsstc)
IDGT Indicator for digitization WMO Code Table 2262 rivals (iridgt)
IWTM Instrument type for water temperature profile measurement WMO Code Table 1770 rivals (iriwtm)
WTMR Water temperature profile recorder type WMO Code Table 4770 rivals (irwtmr)
TOWD Total water depth Meters rivals (irtowd)
MCMS Indicator for method of current measurement WMO Code Table 2266 rivals (irmcms)
MSDM Method of salinity/depth measurement WMO Code Table 2263 rivals (irmsdm)
UCSP Indicator for units of sea-surface current speed WMO Code Table 1833 rivals (irucsp)
MRMV Method of removing velocity and motion of platform from current measurement WMO Code Table 2267 rivals (irmrmv)
POCM Period of current measurement (drift method) WMO Code Table 2265 rivals (irpocm)
DTCC Duration and time of current measurement WMO Code Table 2264 rivals (irdtcc)
NDTS Number of depths - temperature and salinity Numeric rivals (irndts)
DBSS Depth below sea/water surface - temperature and salinity Meters rivals (irdbss(1:NDTS))
STMP Sea temperature at specified depth Celsius rivals (irstmp(1:NDTS))
SALN Salinity at significant or selected depths Hundredths of a part per thousand (%) rivals (irsaln(1:NDTS))
NDDC Number of depths - current Numeric rivals (irnddc)
DBSC Depth below sea/water surface - current Meters rivals (irdbss(1:NDDC))
DROC Direction of current Degrees true rivals (irdroc(1:NDDC))
SPOC Speed of current Meters per second rivals (irspoc(1:NDDC))
NTRK Number of TRACKOB parameters with averaging periods Numeric rivals (irntrk)
AVGP Averaging periods of TRACKOB parameters WMO Code Table 2604 rivals (iravgp(1:NTRK))