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About the Monthly Raob Second Release Decisions by Region Reports

A Raob Second Release Decisions by Region report is issued monthly
for each calendar month and becomes available as soon as possible
after each month has ended.

According to the radiosonde second release policy established on 11
December 1996, raob station personnel are required to call the NCEP
Senior Duty Meteorologist (SDM) to coordinate the need for a second
release in the event that the first is unsuccessful; that is, when
the flight fails to provide data to at least 400 mb.  As a result,
station personnel, which usually involves a lead forecaster (LF),
and the SDM will agree on a decision of either yes or no.

Revision of said policy, effective October 1, 1999, permits the
station LF to authorize a second release without first consulting
the SDM if the LF believes the local forecast/warning situation
warrants a second release.  Therefore, the statistics contained in
this report include only those decisions in which the SDM was

Each report is divided into the six NWS regions.  For each region,
it lists all of the NWS raob stations in ascending WMO# identifier
order with the number of yes and no decisions as well as the total
for each during the specified month.  Each report also provides the
regional total number of yes or no decisions for the month as well as
a regional percentage of yes decisions (approval rate).  Finally,
each report provides a recap of yes and no decisions and approval
rate for all regions combined.

Yearly, a second release decisions report for the most recently
completed calendar year will be produced and appear under Yearly 


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