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Documentation and Software for NCEP WMO GRIB1 can be found here GRIB1

Information on NCEP's use of WMO GRIB2 can be found here GRIB2
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* Section 0 - Indicator Section (IS)

* Section 1 - Product Definition Section (PDS)
Table 0 - National/International Originating Centers
Table A - Generating Process or Model
Table B - Grid Identification
Table C - National Sub-Centers
Table 1 - Flag for GDS or BMS
Table 2 - Parameters & Units
Table 3 - Type and Value of Level
Table 4 - Forecast Time Unit
Table 5 - Time Range Indicator

* Section 2 - Grid Description Section (GDS)
Table 6 - Data Representation Type
Table 7 - Resolution and Component Flags
Table D - Sundry Grid Definitions
Table 8 - Scanning Mode Flag
Table 9 - Spectral Representation Type
Table 10 - Coefficient Storage Mode

* Section 3 - Bit Map Section (BMS)

* Section 4 - Binary Data Section (BDS)
Table 11 - Flag

* Section 5 - End Section

* Appendix A - Outline of WMO Headers Used With GRIB

* Appendix B - Outline of WMO Headers for the EPA/CMAQ model

* Appendix C - Outline of NCEP's use of the extended PDS section for ensemble modeling

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