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Interface Output from the NCEP Supplementary Climatological Data Decoder

Mnemonic Description Units Value
YEAR Report year Year rivals (iryear)
MNTH Report month Month rivals (irmnth)
DAYS Report day Day rivals (irdays)
HOUR Report hour Hour rivals (irhour)
MINU Report minute Minute rivals (irminu)
P06I 6 hour precipitation Inches rivals (irp06i)
P24I 24 hour precipitation Inches rivals (irp24i)
SNOW Total snow amount Inches rivals (irsnow)
SNEW Depth of fresh snow Inches rivals (irsnew)
WEQS Water equivalent of ground snow Inches rivals (irweqs)
CTYL Low-level cloud type WMO Code Table 0513 rivals (irctyl)
CTYM Mid-level cloud type WMO Code Table 0515 rivals (irctym)
CTYH High-level cloud type WMO Code Table 0509 rivals (irctyh)
CFRT Total Cloud Cover WMO Code Table 2700 rivals (ircfrt)
CFRL Low or middle cloud amount WMO Code Table 2700 rivals (ircfrl)
CBAS Base height of lowest cloud WMO Code Table 1600 rivals (ircbas)
MSUN Duration of sunshine Minutes rivals (irmsun)
TDXC 24 hour maximum temperature Degrees Celsius rivals (irtdxc)
TDNC 24 hour minimum temperature Degrees Celsius rivals (irtdnc)
SLAT Station latitude Degrees rivals (irslat)
SLON Station longitude Degrees rivals (irslon)
SELV Station elevation Meters rivals (irselv)
NPWX Number of weather groups Numeric rivals (irnpwx)
WCOD Weather character string CCITT IA5 civals (icwcod(1:NPWX))
STID Station identifier CCITT IA5 civals (icstid)

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