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Version 1.2 Changes

  • changed source code to reflect changes in underlying NAWIPS software.

Version 1.3 Changes

  • removed obsolete call to uerror from dcsaob.c.

Version 1.4 Changes

  • replaced interface array element CMCM (method by which winds were determined) with SWCM (satellite derived wind calculation method) and replaced SUWS (indicator for units of wind speed) with TIWM (type of instrumentation for wind measurement)
  • replaced rivals array element ircmcm with irswcm and replaced irsuws with irtiwm
  • removed obsolete civals array element icrpid
  • within sosec1.f, removed obsolete call to subroutine sosaid.f and deleted subroutine sosaid.f
  • in sodcod.f, replaced hard-coded sample report lengths with intrinsic function LEN_TRIM and filled storage array bulltn with blanks prior to storing next sample report.

Version 1.5 Changes

  • replaced call to LEN_TRIM with call to ST_LSTR
  • modified to decode units digit of year as new interface element YDGT, replacing YEAR (i.e. the full year) which had been computed using logic that would fail beginning in 2010

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