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Version 1.2 Changes

  • Corrected a problem with finding the start of Section 2 in CMAN reports if the length of Section 1 was shorter than expected.
  • Changed source code to reflect changes in underlying NAWIPS software.

Version 1.3 Changes

  • Added 5 Canadian buoys to the Marine Surface Station Table.
  • Removed some arrays from the main Fortran routine which are not used.

Version 1.4 Changes

  • Did some minor code cleanup.
  • Added validity check for value of SUWS (source and units of wind speed) within interface output.
  • Changed source code to reflect changes in underlying NAWIPS software.

Version 1.5 Changes

  • Removed obsolete call to uerror from dcmsfc.c.
  • Corrected error in malscb.f which was returning section length that was one character too short.
  • Modified mackrp.f to display more accurate LOG messages if errors are detected.

Version 1.6 Changes

  • Replaced old rivals array element irsuws with irisws in all applicable subroutines.
  • Modified storage of height of base of lowest cloud in all applicable subroutines.
  • Renamed subroutine maclds.f to macld3.f (to match that in dclsfc decoder) and fixed a few typos in that subroutine.
  • Within macst0.f, removed declaration of logtim and include of errmiss.fnc (not used).
  • Changed trace precip value from -1.0 to -0.1 and removed obsolete PXXM interface variables from subroutine maprec.f.
  • In macmn.cmn and macmn.h, removed obsolete precip interface variables and removed obsolete references to depth/temperature/salinity.
  • Cleaned up logic in one IF block within madcod.f.
  • Removed obsolete variables in setting of wind gust and gust period, such as gums, xdtfvm, and rivals array element irdtvm, in all applicable subroutines and common files.

Version 1.7 Changes

  • Added code (including new subroutine matide.f) to decode TIDE data reported by CMAN stations. Modified routines include macmn.cmn, macmn.h, maifsp.f, and masec5.f. Corrected one comment in masec3.f.
  • In madcod.f, added another sample CMAN report containing TIDE data, and added a do loop to clear out one storage array prior to that array's being used by the next report to be decoded.
  • Added 17 new CMAN stations to the station table.

Version 1.8 Changes

  • removed some obsolete declarations
  • replaced call to LEN_TRIM with call to ST_LSTR
  • modified to allow up to 500 stations in station table
  • updated station table

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