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Version 1.2 Changes

  • did some minor code cleanup
  • changed source code to reflect changes in underlying NAWIPS software.

Version 1.3 Changes

  • removed obsolete call to uerror from dcmetr.c
  • in preparation for FM 15 code form changes (effective Nov. 1, 2001), modified several subroutines to check for encoding of no sky cover (NSC), decode new SST/sea state group, and decode max wind if encoded (within the wind group, this is indicated by a letter 'P' between the wind direction and wind speed, or, for gusts, the letters 'GP' preceding the gust speed.

Version 1.4 Changes

  • in several subroutines, replaced MT_VALD with BR_VALD, MT_DTTM with BR_DTTM, MT_VISB with BR_VISB, MT_WIND with BR_WIND. Added call to BR_SKY6 from MT_SKY6
  • in mtdcod.f, removed many unnecessary variable declarations and added a loop to blank out the temporary storage array prior to storing the next report
  • in mtrmks.f, modified how precipitation is detected within the Remarks section of a METAR report
  • in mtprrm.f, changed trace precip value to -0.1 inches from -1.0 inches
  • in mtstnd.cmn, increased the number of stations from 5000 to 6000
  • in several subroutines, added code to cleanly handle case where field is reported as '//' instead of error returning
  • in dcmetr.c and mtdcod.f, removed curtim from the list of args passed from dcmetr.c to mtdcod.f (not used).
  • removed obsolete subroutines mtcmtn.f, mtdttm.f, and mtvald.f
  • added 31 new stations to the station table.

Version 1.5 Changes

  • replaced call to LEN_TRIM with call to ST_LSTR
  • added check for MAXSTN overflow
  • updated and renamed station table

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