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Land Surface Decoder

IMPORTANT: If you haven't already done so, be sure to read the overview document that contains information relevant to all of the NCEP decoders!

The NCEP Land Surface Decoder parses reports of the following format into the NCEP Decoder Interface Format:


Known Deficiencies -- Groups not currently decoded in the FM12 report:

  • in section 2
    • the sea ice and ice of land origin group ICE+ciSibiDizi
    • the ICING+plain language group (it may no longer be reported)
  • in section 3
    • the phenomena supplementary information group 9SpSpspsp, unless it contains the wind gust, highest mean wind speed data, or newly fallen snow.
    • the additional data groups in regional code form
    • the symbolic expression groups 5j1j2j3j4 (j5j6j7j8j9) when they contain the following data:
      • daily amount of either evaporation or evapotranspiration
      • temperature change data
      • radiation data
      • direction of cloud drift
      • direction and elevation of cloud
  • in section 5
    • all groups except those which contain U.S. city temperature and precipitation data

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Change History Log:

Version Date Summary of Changes
1.1 8/1/2000 Initial version
1.2 8/2/2000 Version 1.2 Changes
1.3 8/15/2000 Version 1.3 Changes
1.4 2/6/2001 Version 1.4 Changes
1.5 11/6/2001 Version 1.5 Changes
1.6 10/23/2002 Version 1.6 Changes
1.7 2/15/2006 Version 1.7 Changes


The latest version of the decoder can be downloaded and utilized free of charge, subject to the usual NWS disclaimer. You may click here to download a copy of the decoder software. If you wish to be included on our "decoders-announce" mailing list, please visit our Decoder Announcements mailing list site to subscribe yourself. This list is our way of informing our users whenever we make changes or updates to our software.


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