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Version 1.2 Changes

  • changed source code to reflect changes in underlying NAWIPS software.

Version 1.3 Changes

  • removed obsolete call to uerror from dcbthy.c
  • clarified some comments in subroutine btksec.f.

Version 1.4 Changes

  • added code to decode Section 3 current data from TESAC reports.
  • changed Interface mnemonics IWTP to IWTM and WTPR to WTMR.
  • changed Interface mnemonics SUWS to IUWS and DOCW to DROC.
  • as a result of change from SUWS to IUWS, changed associated WMO Code Table from Code Table 1855 to Code Table 1853.

Version 1.5 Changes

  • replaced call to LEN_TRIM with call to ST_LSTR
  • modified to decode units digit of year as new interface element YDGT, replacing YEAR (i.e. the full year) which had been computed using logic that would fail beginning in 2010
  • modified to only check the last group in a TRACKOB report for a ship call sign
  • increased maximum number of data layers to 1000

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