Inventory of File

Model: NWM
Cycle: 00 UTC
Forecast: 003

Data Type Parameter Long Name Units
int time Valid output time minutes since 1970-01-01 00:00:00 UTC
int reference_time Model initialization time minutes since 1970-01-01 00:00:00 UTC
double x x coordinate of projection m
double y y coordinate of projection m
char ProjectionCoordinateSystem Projection Coordinate System -
int FSA Total absorved SW radiation W m-2
int FIRA Total net LW radiation to atmosphere W m-2
int GRDFLX Heat flux into the soil W m-2
int HFX Total sensible heat to the atmosphere W m-2
int LH Total latent heat to the atmosphere W m-2
int UGDRNOFF Accumulated underground runoff mm
int ACCECAN Accumulated canopy evap mm
int ACCEDIR Accumulated direct soil evap mm
int ACCETRAN Accumulated transpiration mm
int TRAD Surface radiative temperature K
int SNLIQ Snow layer liquid water mm
int SOIL_T Soil Temperature K
int SOIL_M Volumetric soil moisture m3 m-3
int SNOWH Snow depth m
int SNEQV Snow water equivalent kg m-2
int ISNOW Number of snow layers count
int FSNO Snow-cover fraction on the ground -
int ACSNOM Accumulated melting water out of snow bottom mm
int ACCET Accumulated total ET mm
int CANWAT Total canopy water (liquid + ice) mm
int SOILICE Fraction of soil moisture that is ice fraction
int SOILSAT_TOP Fraction of soil saturation, top 2 layers fraction
int SNOWT_AVG Average snow temperature (by layer mass) K

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