Inventory of File nldas.t12z.force-b.grb2f00

Model: NLDAS
Cycle: 00 UTC
Forecast: analysis
Number of Records: 10

Number Level/Layer Parameter Forecast Valid Description
001 surface DSWRF analysis Downward Short-Wave Radiation Flux [W/m^2]
002 surface APCP 0-1 hour acc Total Precipitation [kg/m^2]
003 surface ACPCP 0-1 hour acc Convective Precipitation [kg/m^2]
004 surface ACOND analysis Aerodynamic conductance [m/s]
005 1 hybrid level TMP analysis Temperature [K]
006 1 hybrid level SPFH analysis Specific Humidity [kg/kg]
007 1 hybrid level PRES analysis Pressure [Pa]
008 1 hybrid level UGRD analysis U-Component of Wind [m/s]
009 1 hybrid level VGRD analysis V-Component of Wind [m/s]
010 1 hybrid level HGT analysis Geopotential Height [gpm]

Last Updated: Fri Aug 1 17:20:45 2014