Inventory of File gep01.t00z.pgrb2s.0p25.f000

Model: GEFS
Cycle: 00 UTC
Forecast: analysis
Number of Records: 22

Number Level/Layer Parameter Forecast Valid Description
001 surface GUST analysis Wind Speed (Gust) [m/s] ENS=+1
002 surface PRES analysis Pressure [Pa] ENS=+1
003 surface HGT analysis Geopotential Height [gpm] ENS=+1
004 0-0.1 m below ground TSOIL analysis Soil Temperature [K] ENS=+1
005 0-0.1 m below ground SOILW analysis Volumetric Soil Moisture Content [Fraction] ENS=+1
006 surface WEASD analysis Water Equivalent of Accumulated Snow Depth [kg/m^2] ENS=+1
007 surface SNOD analysis Snow Depth [m] ENS=+1
008 surface ICETK analysis Ice Thickness [m] ENS=+1
009 2 m above ground TMP analysis Temperature [K] ENS=+1
010 2 m above ground DPT analysis Dew Point Temperature [K] ENS=+1
011 2 m above ground RH analysis Relative Humidity [%] ENS=+1
012 2 m above ground TMAX 0-0 day max f Maximum Temperature [K] ENS=+1
013 2 m above ground TMIN 0-0 day min f Minimum Temperature [K] ENS=+1
014 10 m above ground UGRD analysis U-Component of Wind [m/s] ENS=+1
015 10 m above ground VGRD analysis V-Component of Wind [m/s] ENS=+1
016 surface CAPE analysis Convective Available Potential Energy [J/kg] ENS=+1
017 surface CIN analysis Convective Inhibition [J/kg] ENS=+1
018 entire atmosphere (considered as a single layer) PWAT analysis Precipitable Water [kg/m^2] ENS=+1
019 3000-0 m above ground HLCY analysis Storm Relative Helicity [m^2/s^2] ENS=+1
020 180-0 mb above ground CAPE analysis Convective Available Potential Energy [J/kg] ENS=+1
021 180-0 mb above ground CIN analysis Convective Inhibition [J/kg] ENS=+1
022 mean sea level PRMSL analysis Pressure Reduced to MSL [Pa] ENS=+1

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