ON388 - TABLE 10

(GDS Octet 14)

Revised 3/10/98
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The complex coefficients Xnm are stored for m > 0 as pairs of real numbers Re(Xnm), Im(Xnm) ordered with n increasing from m to N(m), first for m = 0 and then for m = 1, 2, 3,...M. The real part of the (0,0) coefficient is stored in octets 12-15 of the BDS, as a floating point number in the same manner as the packing reference value, with units as in Table 2. The remaining coefficients, starting with the imaginary part of the (0,0) coefficient, are packed according to the GRIB packing algorithm, with units as given in Table 5, in octets 16 and onward in the BDS.
Indicates spherical harmonics - complex packing

Office Note 388 - GRIB