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The message that is passed from one DBNet to another.
CLNT command
A parsing table command used to send data to other DBNets.
A Unix program that runs programs at scheduled times.
Distributed Brokered Networking is a distributed data communications and processing system.
The external data processor examines incoming data and queues it to the DBNet queue.
The queue handler is responsible for processing the entries in the DBNet queue.
EXEC command
A parsing table command used to run a user defined program.
FILE command
A parsing table command used to append incoming data to a file.
FTPGET command
A parsing table command used to get data from other DBNet systems.
GROUP command
Logical groupings of the CLNT, FILE, FTPGET, and EXEC commands.
Host ID
A unique host identifier within the DBNet system.
The InterFace Server - Paranoid program of DBNet is used to receive data from other DBNet systems.
Message ID
A unique identifier within DBNet used to track a particular piece of data through the DBNet stream.
The National Centers for Environmental Prediction is where DBNet was developed.
The Office of Systems Operations is responsible for data dissemination to anyone who wants it.
The Practical Extraction Report Language is a scripting language used in the core features of DBNet.
The World Meteorological Organization is the governing standards body for meteorological data formats.