Advanced Troubleshooting for Decoders Data

1. Open the Decoder node as one would to use the SDMRAOB program.

2. Change directory: cd /iodprod/dcdprod/logs

3. Then list the files with most recent displayed last: ls -lrt

4. Examine the file names, last modify times, and file sizes.

   * All of the data files are named: decod.mnemonic.log(n)

   * Five days of data are saved in daily files.  Files with an extension of
     .log are for the current day; .log1 files are from one day ago; ...;
     .log4 files are from four days ago.

   * The middle part of the file name is the data type mnemonic as listed in
     the Decoder column of the Decoders Overview.

   * A small file size may be an indication data are not being written to file.

5. View the most pertinent file(s) and look for WMO headers contained in the
   text: view filename
   The most recent data are at the bottom of the file: shift-G

6. Some data files show the text contained in the WMO headers.  If not, then
   view the text in FADD.

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