Inventory of File nos.OFS.stations.shtml

Model: NOS OFS
Number of Records: 24

Number Parameter Description
001 theta_s S-coordinate surface control parameter
002 theta_b S-coordinate bottom control parameter
003 Tcline S-coordinate surface/bottom layer width
004 hc S-coordinate parameter, critical depth
005 s_rho S-coordinate at RHO-points
006 s_w S-coordinate at W-points
007 Cs_r S-coordinate stretching curves at RHO-points
008 Cs_w S-coordinate stretching curves at W-points
009 Ipos stations I-direction positions
010 Jpos stations J-direction positions
011 h bathymetry at RHO-points
012 lon_rho longitude of RHO-points
013 lat_rho latitude of RHO-points
014 angle angle between XI-axis and EAST
015 ocean_time time since initialization
016 zeta Elevation above model sea level (unit:meters)
017 Pair surface air pressure in millibars
018 Uwind Surface wind u-component at 10m above mean sea level (unit: m/s)
019 Vwind Surface wind v-component at 10m above mean sea level (unit: m/s)
020 u Water velocity u-component (unit: m/s)
021 v Water velocity v-component (unit: m/s)
022 w vertical momentum component (unit: m/s)
023 temp Water temperature (unit: Celsius)
024 salt Water salinity

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