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The NCEP Production Suite

(Last Modified on 15 October 2001)

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    The suite of production computer jobs that ingest meteorological information, analyze it, predict the future state of the atmosphere, and prepare all the information for world-wide distribution comprises a number of "runs" or "networks". These networks, although differing in purpose and content, have much in common: each includes gathering current observations, describing the current state of the atmosphere, forecasting the future state, and then making the observations, the analysis, and the forecast information available to a wide assortment of users both inside and outside of the National Weather Service. Most networks are repeated twice per pay, using observational data taken at or near the synoptic time of 0000 hours UTC (00Z), and again using data taken at 1200 hours UTC (12Z). These are referred to as the 00Z and 12 cycles, respectively. Some of the runs also make use of 06Z data and 18Z data.

    Each of the runs, or "networks", comprises many jobs, some doing meteorological computations, some doing| graphics, and others collecting and formatting observed data, preparing bulletins for external transmissions, or archiving data, analyses, and forecasts for future needs.

    The runs are named by either their relative position within each cycle ("Final"), or by their general purpose ("Nested Grid", " Eta", "Aviation", "Hurricane", "Wave", "Ensemble", "Ocean Modeling", "Early Data Assimilation System", "Medium Range Forecast", "Rapid Update Cycle", "Merge", "Climate Data Assimilation System", "Air Research Laboratory", and "RAW" are the network names of the current runs.

Job Names

ncepibm00  100_00 thru 199_00
etaibm00  200_00 thru 279_00, eta_dump_00, eta00_dump_alert, eta_dump_post_00, eta_gempak_00, eta_gempak_meta_00, eta_gempak_gif_00, eta_bufrsnd_dbnalert_00, eta_ext_fcst_00, eta_ext_post_00, eta_dbnalert_00
ngmibm00  300_00 thru 399_00, ngm_gempak_00, ngm_gempak_meta_00, ngm_gempak_gif_00, tdlngm_gempak_00, tdlngm_gempak_meta_00, ngm_dbnalert_00
avnibm00 500_00 thru 699_00, avn_dump_00, avn00_dump_alert, avn_dump_post_00, rsmhi_00, avnmos_prep_00, avnmos_00, avn_gempak_00, avn_gempak_meta_00, avn_gempak_gif_00, avn_dbnalert_00, tdlavn_gempak_00, tdlavn_gempak_meta_00
huribm00 700_00 thru 719_00, hur_00_ocean_spinup,
hur1_00_pre_master, hur1_00_pre_ocean, hur1_00_pre_atmos, hur1_00_fcst, hur1_00_earlypost, hur1_00_post, hur1_gempak_00, hur1_gempak_meta_00,
hur2_00_pre_master, hur2_00_pre_ocean, hur2_00_pre_atmos, hur2_00_fcst, hur2_00_earlypost, hur2_00_post, hur2_gempak_00, hur2_gempak_meta_00,
hur3_00_pre_master, hur3_00_pre_ocean, hur3_00_pre_atmos, hur3_00_fcst, hur3_00_earlypost, hur3_00_post, hur3_gempak_00, hur3_gempak_meta_00,
hur4_00_pre_master, hur4_00_pre_ocean, hur4_00_pre_atmos, hur4_00_fcst, hur4_00_earlypost, hur4_00_post, hur4_gempak_00, hur4_gempak_meta_00
wavibm00  720_00 thru 799_00
ensibm00  ens_init_00, drf1_fcst_00, drf1_post_00 enc0_fcst_00, enc0_post_00, enn1_fcst_00, enn1_post_00 enn2_fcst_00, enn2_post_00, enn3_fcst_00, enn3_post_00 enn4_fcst_00, enn4_post_00, enn5_fcst_00, enn5_post_00 enp1_fcst_00, enp1_post_00, enp2_fcst_00, enp2_post_00 enp3_fcst_00, enp3_post_00, enp4_fcst_00, enp4_post_00 enp5_fcst_00, enp5_post_00, enz_00
ombibm00  fog_00, ice_00
edsibm06  280_06 thru 299_06, eds_tm12_dump_06, eds_tm09_dump_06 eds_tm06_dump_06, eds_tm03_dump_06
etaibm06  200_06 thru 279_06, eta_dump_06, eta06_dump_alert, eta_dump_post_06, eta_gempak_06, eta_gempak_meta_06, eta_gempak_gif_06, eta_bufrsnd_dbnalert_06, eta_dbnalert_06
fnlibm00  800_00 thru 849_00, fnl_dump_00, fnl00_dump_alert
mrfibm00  900_00 thru 999_00
fnlibm06  850_06 thru 899_06, fnl_dump_06, fnl06_dump_alert
avnibm06 500_06 thru 699_06, avn_dump_06, avn06_dump_alert, avn_dump_post_06, avn_gempak_06, avn_gempak_meta_06, avn_gempak_gif_06, avn_dbnalert_06
huribm06 700_06 thru 719_06,
hur1_06_pre_master, hur1_06_pre_ocean, hur1_06_pre_atmos, hur1_06_fcst, hur1_06_post, hur1_gempak_06, hur1_gempak_meta_06,
hur2_06_pre_master, hur2_06_pre_ocean, hur2_06_pre_atmos, hur2_06_fcst, hur2_06_post, hur2_gempak_06, hur2_gempak_meta_06,
hur3_06_pre_master, hur3_06_pre_ocean, hur3_06_pre_atmos, hur3_06_fcst, hur3_06_post, hur3_gempak_06, hur3_gempak_meta_06,
hur4_06_pre_master, hur4_06_pre_ocean, hur4_06_pre_atmos, hur4_06_fcst, hur4_06_post, hur4_gempak_06, hur4_gempak_meta_06
edsibm12  280_12 thru 299_12, eds_tm12_dump_12, eds_tm09_dump_12 eds_tm06_dump_12, eds_tm03_dump_12
rucibm00  ruc2_hyncep_00, ruc2a_dump_00, ruc2a_prep_00 ruc2b_dump_00, ruc2b_prep_00, ruc2b_fcst_00, ruc2b_post_00 ruc2a_dump_01, ruc2a_prep_01, ruc2a_fcst_01, ruc2a_post_01 ruc2a_dump_02, ruc2a_prep_02, ruc2a_fcst_02, ruc2a_post_02 ruc2a_dump_03, ruc2a_prep_03, ruc2a_fcst_03, ruc2a_post_03 ruc2a_dump_04, ruc2a_prep_04, ruc2a_fcst_04, ruc2a_post_04 ruc2a_dump_05, ruc2a_prep_05, ruc2a_fcst_05, ruc2a_post_05 sruc_dump_00, sr_00, sruc_dump_01, sr_01 sruc_dump_02, sr_02, sruc_dump_03, sr_03 sruc_dump_04, sr_04, sruc_dump_05, sr_05
rucibm06  ruc2a_dump_06, ruc2a_prep_06, ruc2a_fcst_06, ruc2a_post_06 ruc2a_dump_07, ruc2a_prep_07, ruc2a_fcst_07, ruc2a_post_07 ruc2a_dump_08, ruc2a_prep_08, ruc2a_fcst_08, ruc2a_post_08 ruc2a_dump_09, ruc2a_prep_09, ruc2a_fcst_09, ruc2a_post_09 ruc2a_dump_10, ruc2a_prep_10, ruc2a_fcst_10, ruc2a_post_10 ruc2a_dump_11, ruc2a_prep_11, ruc2a_fcst_11, ruc2a_post_11 sruc_dump_06, sr_06, sruc_dump_07, sr_07 sruc_dump_08, sr_08, sruc_dump_09, sr_09 sruc_dump_10, sr_10, sruc_dump_11, sr_11
mergeibm00 merge_00, merge_03, merge_06, merge_09
cdsibm12  cds_dump_12
cdsibm18  cds_dump_18
arlibm00  vanl00, vanl06, vfcst_sdm, vfax_sdm, vfcst_alaska, vfax_alaska vfcst_arl, vfax_arl, hyspt
rawibm00  rw000, rw001, rw003, rw006, rw009, rw100, rw103, rw106, rw109 rw200, rw203, rw206, rw209, rw301, rw304, rw307, rw310 rw401, rw404, rw407, rw410, rw502, rw505, rw508, rw511
ncepibm12  100_12 thru 199_12
etaibm12  200_12 thru 279_12, eta_dump_12, eta12_dump_alert, eta_dump_post_12, eta_gempak_12, eta_gempak_meta_12, eta_gempak_gif_12, eta_bufrsnd_dbnalert_12, eta_ext_fcst_12, eta_ext_post_12, eta_dbnalert_12
ngmibm12  300_12 thru 399_12, ngm_gempak_12, ngm_gempak_meta_12, ngm_gempak_gif_12, tdlngm_gempak_12, tdlngm_gempak_meta_12, ngm_dbnalert_12
avnibm12 500_12 thru 699_12, avn_dump_12, avn12_dump_alert, avn_dump_post_12, rsmhi_12, avnmos_prep_12, avnmos_12, rfcmos_12, avn_gempak_12, avn_gempak_meta_12, avn_gempak_gif_12, avn_dbnalert_12, tdlavn_gempak_12, tdlavn_gempak_meta_12
huribm12 700_00 thru 719_00,
hur1_12_pre_master, hur1_12_pre_ocean, hur1_12_pre_atmos, hur1_12_fcst, hur1_12_earlypost, hur1_12_post, hur1_gempak_12, hur1_gempak_meta_12,
hur2_12_pre_master, hur2_12_pre_ocean, hur2_12_pre_atmos, hur2_12_fcst, hur2_12_earlypost, hur2_12_post, hur2_gempak_12, hur2_gempak_meta_12,
hur3_12_pre_master, hur3_12_pre_ocean, hur3_12_pre_atmos, hur3_12_fcst, hur3_12_earlypost, hur3_12_post,hur3_gempak_12, hur3_gempak_meta_12,
hur4_12_pre_master, hur4_12_pre_ocean, hur4_12_pre_atmos, hur4_12_fcst, hur4_12_earlypost, hur4_12_post, hur4_gempak_12, hur4_gempak_meta_12
wavibm12  720_12 thru 799_12
ensibm12  ens_init_12, ene2_fcst_12, ene2_post_12 enn1_fcst_12, enn1_post_12, enn2_fcst_12, enn2_post_12, enp1_fcst_12, enp1_post_12, enp2_fcst_12, enp2_post_12 enz_12
ombibm12  fog_12, ice_12
edsibm18  280_18 thru 299_18, eds_tm12_dump_18, eds_tm09_dump_18 eds_tm18_dump_18, eds_tm03_dump_18
etaibm18  200_18 thru 279_18, eta_dump_18, eta18_dump_alert, eta_dump_post_18, eta_gempak_18, eta_gempak_meta_18, eta_gempak_gif_18, eta_bufrsnd_dbnalert_18, eta_dbnalert_18
fnlibm12  800_12 thru 849_12, fnl_dump_12, fnl12_dump_alert
fnlibm18  850_18 thru 899_18, fnl_dump_18, fnl18_dump_alert
avnibm18 500_18 thru 699_18, avn_dump_18, avn18_dump_alert, avn_dump_post_18, avn_gempak_18, avn_gempak_meta_18, avn_gempak_gif_18, avn_dbnalert_18
huribm18 700_00 thru 719_00,
hur1_18_pre_master, hur1_18_pre_ocean, hur1_18_pre_atmos, hur1_18_fcst, hur1_18_post, hur1_gempak_18, hur1_gempak_meta_18,
hur2_18_pre_master, hur2_18_pre_ocean, hur2_18_pre_atmos, hur2_18_fcst, hur2_18_post, hur2_gempak_18, hur2_gempak_meta_18,
hur3_18_pre_master, hur3_18_pre_ocean, hur3_18_pre_atmos, hur3_18_fcst, hur3_18_post, hur3_gempak_18, hur3_gempak_meta_18,
hur4_18_pre_master, hur4_18_pre_ocean, hur4_18_pre_atmos, hur4_18_fcst, hur4_18_post, hur4_gempak_18, hur4_gempak_meta_18
edsibm00  280_00 thru 299_00, eds_tm12_dump_00, eds_tm09_dump_00 eds_tm06_dump_00, eds_tm03_dump_00
rucibm12  ruc2_hyncep_12, ruc2a_dump_12, ruc2a_prep_12 ruc2b_dump_12, ruc2b_prep_12, ruc2b_fcst_12, ruc2b_post_12 ruc2a_dump_13, ruc2a_prep_13, ruc2a_fcst_13, ruc2a_post_13 ruc2a_dump_14, ruc2a_prep_14, ruc2a_fcst_14, ruc2a_post_14 ruc2a_dump_15, ruc2a_prep_15, ruc2a_fcst_15, ruc2a_post_15 ruc2a_dump_16, ruc2a_prep_16, ruc2a_fcst_16, ruc2a_post_16 ruc2a_dump_17, ruc2a_prep_17, ruc2a_fcst_17, ruc2a_post_17 sruc_dump_12, sr_12, sruc_dump_13, sr_13 sruc_dump_14, sr_14, sruc_dump_15, sr_15 sruc_dump_16, sr_16, sruc_dump_17, sr_17
rucibm18  ruc2a_dump_18, ruc2a_prep_18, ruc2a_fcst_18, ruc2a_post_18 ruc2a_dump_19, ruc2a_prep_19, ruc2a_fcst_19, ruc2a_post_19 ruc2a_dump_20, ruc2a_prep_20, ruc2a_fcst_20, ruc2a_post_20 ruc2a_dump_21, ruc2a_prep_21, ruc2a_fcst_21, ruc2a_post_21 ruc2a_dump_22, ruc2a_prep_22, ruc2a_fcst_22, ruc2a_post_22 ruc2a_dump_23, ruc2a_prep_23, ruc2a_fcst_23, ruc2a_post_23 sruc_dump_18, sr_18, sruc_dump_19, sr_19 sruc_dump_20, sr_20, sruc_dump_21, sr_21 sruc_dump_22, sr_22, sruc_dump_23, sr_23
mergeibm12 merge_12, merge_15, merge_18, merge_21
cdsibm00  cds_dump_00
cdsibm06  cds_dump_06
arlibm12  vanl12, vanl18, vfcst_sdm, vfax_sdm, vfcst_alaska, vfax_alaska vfcst_arl, vfax_arl, hyspt
rawibm12  rw012, rw013, rw015, rw018, rw021, rw112, rw115, rw118, rw121 rw212, rw215, rw218, rw221, rw313, rw316, rw319, rw322 rw413, rw416, rw419, rw422, rw514, rw517, rw520, rw523
hourly_ibm etasst, afplt_00, afplt_12, ecmwf, sc_00, sc_12, tr_10, tr_22 tdl_00, tdl_01, tdl_02, tdl_03, tdl_04, tdl_05, tdl_06 tdl_07, tdl_08, tdl_09, tdl_10, tdl_11, tdl_12, tdl_13 tdl_14, tdl_15, tdl_16, tdl_17, tdl_18, tdl_19, tdl_20 tdl_21, tdl_22, tdl_23, ukmet_00, ukmet_12, uvi
ingest00  aerosol, euscatter, radsnd, satwnd, shef, shf, snow, ssmi, sst, sstfld, tovs, snowgrib
ingest06  aerosol, euscatter, ozone14, radsnd, satwnd, shf, snow, ssmi, sst, sstfld, tovs
ingest12  aerosol, euscatter, ozone14, radsnd, satwnd, shf, snow, ssmi, sst, sstfld, tovs
ingest18  euscatter, ozone14, radsnd, satwnd, shef, shf, snow, ssmi, sst, tovs, snowgrib

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