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(Last Modified on 13 September 2001)

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The purpose of the Nested Grid Model (NGM), also called the Regional (RGL), network run is to provide the best possible numerical analysis and forecasts for the U.S. area. The NGM uses the Eta analysis and AVN lateral boundary conditions in a one-way nested reduced domain configuration to generate a 48 hour forecast. NGM initial conditions are produced from the Eta analyses. The NGM forecast model files are used to produce the Model Output Statistics (MOS) forecasts. MOS processing takes forecast parameters directly from the NGM model and uses them as predictor variables in previously derived regression equations. The results are an assortment of weather parameters at station locations, not directly forecastable by any dynamical prediction model, such as probability of precipitation, maximum and minimum temperatures, indicators of severe weather, etc.

Job Names

ngmibm00 300_00 thru 399_00, ngm_gempak_00, ngm_gempak_meta_00, ngm_gempak_gif_00, tdlngm_gempak_00, tdlngm_gempak_meta_00, ngm_dbnalert_00
ngmibm12 300_12 thru 399_12, ngm_gempak_12, ngm_gempak_meta_12, ngm_gempak_gif_12, tdlngm_gempak_12, tdlngm_gempak_meta_12, ngm_dbnalert_12

Purpose of Jobs in Suite

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