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HURIBM Job Suite

(Last Modified on 25 September 2001)

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The Geo-Fluid Dynamics Laboratory (GFDL) Hurricane (HCN) model network is run on an "on demand" basis. The decision to run the model rests with the Senior Duty Meteorologist (SDM), with input from the Tropical Prediction Center (TPC). When the GFDL HCN model is run, it starts from the same analysis initial conditions as the AVN run and shares the same data cutoff time. The GFDL HCN model is used for hurricane tracking and, occassionaly, for heavy precipitation forecasting. This model is run four (4) cycles per day for a maximum of four (4) storm per cycle.

Job Names

huribm00 700_00 thru 719_00, hur_00_ocean_spinup,
hur1_00_pre_master, hur1_00_pre_ocean, hur1_00_pre_atmos, hur1_00_fcst, hur1_00_earlypost, hur1_00_post, hur1_gempak_00, hur1_gempak_meta_00,
hur2_00_pre_master, hur2_00_pre_ocean, hur2_00_pre_atmos, hur2_00_fcst, hur2_00_earlypost, hur2_00_post, hur2_gempak_00, hur2_gempak_meta_00,
hur3_00_pre_master, hur3_00_pre_ocean, hur3_00_pre_atmos, hur3_00_fcst, hur3_00_earlypost, hur3_00_post, hur3_gempak_00, hur3_gempak_meta_00,
hur4_00_pre_master, hur4_00_pre_ocean, hur4_00_pre_atmos, hur4_00_fcst, hur4_00_earlypost, hur4_00_post, hur4_gempak_00, hur4_gempak_meta_00
huribm06 700_06 thru 719_06,
hur1_06_pre_master, hur1_06_pre_ocean, hur1_06_pre_atmos, hur1_06_fcst, hur1_06_post, hur1_gempak_06, hur1_gempak_meta_06,
hur2_06_pre_master, hur2_06_pre_ocean, hur2_06_pre_atmos, hur2_06_fcst, hur2_06_post, hur2_gempak_06, hur2_gempak_meta_06,
hur3_06_pre_master, hur3_06_pre_ocean, hur3_06_pre_atmos, hur3_06_fcst, hur3_06_post, hur3_gempak_06, hur3_gempak_meta_06,
hur4_06_pre_master, hur4_06_pre_ocean, hur4_06_pre_atmos, hur4_06_fcst, hur4_06_post, hur4_gempak_06, hur4_gempak_meta_06
huribm12 700_00 thru 719_00,
hur1_12_pre_master, hur1_12_pre_ocean, hur1_12_pre_atmos, hur1_12_fcst, hur1_12_earlypost, hur1_12_post, hur1_gempak_12, hur1_gempak_meta_12,
hur2_12_pre_master, hur2_12_pre_ocean, hur2_12_pre_atmos, hur2_12_fcst, hur2_12_earlypost, hur2_12_post, hur2_gempak_12, hur2_gempak_meta_12,
hur3_12_pre_master, hur3_12_pre_ocean, hur3_12_pre_atmos, hur3_12_fcst, hur3_12_earlypost, hur3_12_post,hur3_gempak_12, hur3_gempak_meta_12,
hur4_12_pre_master, hur4_12_pre_ocean, hur4_12_pre_atmos, hur4_12_fcst, hur4_12_earlypost, hur4_12_post, hur4_gempak_12, hur4_gempak_meta_12
huribm18 700_00 thru 719_00,
hur1_18_pre_master, hur1_18_pre_ocean, hur1_18_pre_atmos, hur1_18_fcst, hur1_18_post, hur1_gempak_18, hur1_gempak_meta_18,
hur2_18_pre_master, hur2_18_pre_ocean, hur2_18_pre_atmos, hur2_18_fcst, hur2_18_post, hur2_gempak_18, hur2_gempak_meta_18,
hur3_18_pre_master, hur3_18_pre_ocean, hur3_18_pre_atmos, hur3_18_fcst, hur3_18_post, hur3_gempak_18, hur3_gempak_meta_18,
hur4_18_pre_master, hur4_18_pre_ocean, hur4_18_pre_atmos, hur4_18_fcst, hur4_18_post, hur4_gempak_18, hur4_gempak_meta_18

Purpose of Jobs in Suite

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