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ETAIBM Job Suite

(Last Modified on 12 September 2001)

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The first forecast model run in each cycle is the 12km Eta. This model generates an 84 hour forecast at 00Z and 12Z and a 48 hour forecast at 06Z and 18Z over the the U.S. as soon as possible for early guidance to the NWS and the meteorological community at large. Forecast hour output is generated every 3 or 6 hours depending on the type of grid.

Job Names

etaibm00  200_00 thru 279_00, eta_dump_00, eta00_dump_alert, eta_dump_post_00, eta_gempak_00, eta_gempak_meta_00, eta_gempak_gif_00, eta_bufrsnd_dbnalert_00, eta_ext_fcst_00, eta_ext_post_00, eta_dbnalert_00
etaibm06  200_06 thru 279_06, eta_dump_06, eta06_dump_alert, eta_dump_post_06, eta_gempak_06, eta_gempak_meta_06, eta_gempak_gif_06, eta_bufrsnd_dbnalert_06, eta_dbnalert_06
etaibm12  200_12 thru 279_12, eta_dump_12, eta12_dump_alert, eta_dump_post_12, eta_gempak_12, eta_gempak_meta_12, eta_gempak_gif_12, eta_bufrsnd_dbnalert_12, eta_ext_fcst_12, eta_ext_post_12, eta_dbnalert_12
etaibm18 200_18 thru 279_18, eta_dump_18, eta18_dump_alert, eta_dump_post_18, eta_gempak_18, eta_gempak_meta_18, eta_gempak_gif_18, eta_bufrsnd_dbnalert_18, eta_dbnalert_18

Purpose of Jobs in Suite

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