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AVNIBM Job Suite

(Last Modified on 24 September 2001)

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The primary purpose of the Aviation (AVN) model network run is to prepare guidance material in support of NCEP's national and international aviation responsibilities. The AVN run is the first forecast in a given cycle that is global in extent. Data cutoff time is set late enough to ensure the arrival of adequate amounts of satellite and conventional data from the western Pacific and Southern Hemisphere. This AVN model is run four (4) times daily at a resolution of T254/L64 out to F084, T170/L42 out to F180, and T62L28 out to F384.

Job Names

avnibm00 500_00 thru 699_00, avn_dump_00, avn00_dump_alert, avn_dump_post_00, rsmhi_00, avnmos_prep_00, avnmos_00, avn_gempak_00, avn_gempak_meta_00, avn_gempak_gif_00, avn_dbnalert_00, tdlavn_gempak_00, tdlavn_gempak_meta_00
avnibm06 500_06 thru 699_06, avn_dump_06, avn06_dump_alert, avn_dump_post_06, avn_gempak_06, avn_gempak_meta_06, avn_gempak_gif_06, avn_dbnalert_06
avnibm12 500_12 thru 699_12, avn_dump_12, avn12_dump_alert, avn_dump_post_12, rsmhi_12, avnmos_prep_12, avnmos_12, rfcmos_12, avn_gempak_12, avn_gempak_meta_12, avn_gempak_gif_12, avn_dbnalert_12, tdlavn_gempak_12, tdlavn_gempak_meta_12
avnibm18 500_18 thru 699_18, avn_dump_18, avn18_dump_alert, avn_dump_post_18, avn_gempak_18, avn_gempak_meta_18, avn_gempak_gif_18, avn_dbnalert_18

Purpose of Jobs in Suite

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