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Group A (TTAA); Group B (TTBB [and PPBB]); Group C (TTCC, TTDD, [and PPDD]).
[Some stations report no PPBB/PPDD but report sig wind data in TTBB/TTDD.]
THKS means all required parts were in at this time with sufficient data. THANKS!
A capital letter means all required parts had data at this time for that group.
A small letter means reports received but some part had no data for the group.
A space means one or more required parts were missing from the group.
This message measures NCEP data receipt and reflects total system throughput.
Please retransmit missing reports, but DO NOT MAKE NUMEROUS RETRANSMISSIONS.
Check SDM and Gateway administrative messages for news on any comms problems.
Reference the "Thanks" Criteria for further details.