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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why doesn't my FTPGET generate a new ALERT after the file is transferred to my local computer?

    The most common cause of this problem is the message ID for the new file is not found. The log file will indicate this with a Severity - 1 message saying parse msgcode failed. The solution is to add a second entry for this file with the appropriate path or rewrite the existing entry to match both the remote path and the local path.

    The second cause of this error is that the #! Line in the beginning of each perl program is not being interpreted by your shell. Modify the line accordingly.

  2. How do I initiate processing when all of the avn files are transferred to my local computer?

    Use the extension.

  3. Why is IFSP registered with portmapper?

    The usual cause is that portmapper was terminated and restarted after IFSP was running. IRIX 6.4 will be in this state if the network services are stopped and restarted without restarting DBNet

  4. Why do so many of the parsing table examples use IP addresses instead of names?
    To reduce the dependence on DNS.