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NCEP distributes output from the North American Mesoscale (NAM) model Downscaled Numerical Guidance (DNG) grids via NOAAPORT and the SBN with the following WMO headers:

T1T2A1A2ii   CCCC



T1 = L or M, depending on analysis/forecast time

T2 A - dew point temperature, cloud cover, wind speed/direction, or wind gust speed

D - probability of precipitation (3,6,12 hourly)

E - total precipitation (3,6,12 hourly)

H - boundary layer height or wet bulb zero height

K - visibility

R - minimum/maximum relative humidity (3, 12 hourly)

S - snow dept (3, 6 hourly)

T - temperature or minimum/maximum temperature (3, 12 hourly)

U - u component of wind

V - v component of wind

Z - simulated reflectivity

A1 = A - Alaska 6 km
C - Puerto Rico
H - Hawaii
I - CONUS 2.5 km
K - Alaska 3 km
M - CONUS 5 km

The T1 and A2 combination specifies the analysis/forecast time (ranging from 00 to 84 hours)

T1 A2
L A=00, B=06, C=12, D=18, E=24, F=30, G=36, H=42, I=48, J=60, K=72, L=84
M B=03, E=09, H=15, K=21, L=27,O=33, P=39, Q=45, Q=51, M=54, S=57, N=66, T=78, Z=63,69,75,or 81

ii = 98 - air properties at the surface of the Earth
86 - boundary layer height
00 - wet bulb zero height

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